Soft Tissue CO2 Laser

We now offer procedures with the state of the art LightScapel CO2 laser.

Dental lasers are a safe, non-invasive tool that can help restore and improve the oral health.

When compared to the common diode laser, procedures with the CO2 laser are quicker and produce less charring therefore faster healing and minimal discomfort post-operatively. 


Procedures include frenectomies - tongue and lip-tie releases for children of all ages.

A tongue or lip-tie can often hinder speech and/or eating.  The oral restriction can be released gently and safely in just minutes.

Other uses for the dental laser include:

  • Exposure of unerupted teeth that can not break through the gum tissue

  • Remove overgrown gum tissue (gingivectomy) often due to braces

  • Relieve painful canker sores